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10 posts from April 2011


Don DePaolo Joins CC 2.0 "Big Questions" Panel Discussion Tuesday

Source: LBNL TABL On May 3 at 3 p.m. in Building 50 Auditorium, the Carbon Cycle 2.0 initiative will host the first in a series of panel discussions centered on different Big Questions in climate and energy. Lab Director Paul Alivisatos (left) will be joined by Don DePaolo (center), Associate...


CNCGC Wins Video Contest!

Source: Daniel Hawkes UPDATE 5-26-11: Lab Video Places Second in DOE Contest> UPDATE: You have fans. Today C&E News posted a blog about the EFRC video contest. Congratulations on a job well done! DOE's Office of Science announced the winners of their Life at the Frontiers of Energy video contest,...

ESD and Earth Day 2011

Source: Daniel Hawkes This year’s Earth Day (Friday, April 22, 2011) arrives in the midst of sobering Earth events. The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan have caused death and destruction, and, with the lingering hazard of released radiation, may do so for years to come. As members of LBNL’s...


ESD's Terry Hazen Reflects on Gulf Oil Spill

Source: LBNL TABL It’s been nearly a year since a deep-sea oil rig exploded, spewing million of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. After months of research, a microbial ecologist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory says a previously unknown microbe was instrumental in the cleanup. “They can sense the...


Lab Experts Discuss Fukushima Crisis

Source: LBNL TABL Fukushima: Fact vs. Fiction, Panel Discussion Three Berkeley Lab radiation experts — Robert Budnitz, Ed Morse, and Tom McKone — discussed and dissected Japan’s nuclear crisis in front of a packed house at Berkeley’s David Brower Center last Tuesday night. Moderated by Lance Knobel, co-founder of Berkeleyside,...


April Marks Carbon Explorers’ Tenth Anniversary

Source: LBNL TABL Launched for the first time at Ocean Station PAPA in the North Pacific on April 10, 2001, two Carbon Explorer floats designed by Jim Bishop of the Earth Sciences Division sampled the fate of carbon in the ocean depths, then returned to the surface to report by...


Watching Iron Geochemistry at the Nanosecond Timescale

The importance of determining molecular-scale reaction mechanisms in geochemistry At the molecular scale, most geochemical reactions are complex, multistep processes in which the elementary steps occur too quickly for direct observation. Together, these steps define an overall reaction mechanism. Although thermodynamic descriptions of geochemical processes are well established in many...


ESD Communications Digest - March 2011

Publications Update March 2011 » More » Additions? Questions? Let us know! Newly hired to ESD! Please welcome the following new hires to ESD for the month of March 2011: Icenhower,Jonathan Paul - Geological Project Scientist, Geochemistry Feldman,Daniel R - Geological Project Scientist, Climate Science Pau,George Shu Heng - Geological...

Vivi's Safety Corner - March 2011

Shipping, moving and/or transporting samples and hazardous materials


DSSS: Conjunctive Use: The Impact of Pumping Wells on a Nearby Stream

Who: John Bredehoeft, Ph.D., The Hydrodynamics Group, Sausalito, CA What: Download the file (pdf) Where: B15 (ALS Users' Complex), Room 253 When: 10:30 am to 12:00 am, April 15, 2011 Why: About the Distinguished Scientist Seminar Series More Information: In 1995, after 32 years, John Bredehoeft retired as a senior...