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5 posts from December 2010


Project Will Monitor Tremor Activity Beneath San Andreas Fault

Source: LBNL TABL, UC Berkeley News The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory will begin early next year to install earthquake detectors on the southern San Andreas Fault to study mysterious tremors discovered beneath the area. The tremors are extremely faint and periodic rumblings originating 20-40 kilometers below ground — far beneath the...


Defining the Interfacial Molecular Structure of Goethite: A Key to Understanding Environmental Chemical Reactions

The mineral goethite (a-FeOOH) is one of the most common iron minerals on Earth’s surface. As the chief constituent in many forms of natural rust, it is most obvious as the yellow or brown-red coloring agent in soils and sediments. It is also a microscopic to nanoscale mineral, with a...


ESD Communications Digest - November 2010

Publications 2010 - November » 2010 - Year-to-date » ESD Annual Reports/Research Summaries Archive (now online!) » Stripa Project Archive (now online!) » Additions? Questions? Let us know! Missed an Event? Photos from the Holiday Party (by Sandy Chin/AC) » Photos from the Holiday Party (by Yingying/Maryann) » Watch the...


ESD Hiring at 2010 AGU Fall Meeting

Similar to last year, students and prospective postdoctoral fellows can find the LBNL-ESD Human Resource Recruiters and hiring managers at the "2010 Career Opportunities Networking Lunch" at the 2010 AGU Fall Meeting on Wednesday, December 15. Some of the students we met were in the midst of completing their Ph.D....


Lead Isotopes Used to Show the Asian Contribution to California Pollution

Source: LBNL News Center In a first-of-its-kind study, a team of scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the California Air Resources Board found, through analysis of lead isotopes, that a significant fraction of the airborne lead particles recently collected in the San Francisco Bay Area came from Asia. “The...