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6 posts from August 2010


Women Scientists, Engineers Luncheon

Who: Susan Hubbard, deputy director of the ESD What: Women Scientists, Engineers Luncheon Where: Perseverance Hall (Bldg. 54-130) When: Sept. 14, 2010, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm The featured speaker is Susan Hubbard, deputy director of the Earth Sciences Division. Hubbard will present a lecture called “Toward X-Ray Vision,” which...


Cake layer of rock

By: Bob Sanders, Media Relations Source: UCBerkeleyNews The North American continent is not one thick, rigid slab, but a layer cake of ancient, three billion-year-old rock on top of much newer material probably less than 1 billion years old, according to a new study by UC Berkeley seismologists, including Berkeley...


Study shows deepwater oil plume in Gulf degraded by microbes

By: Lynn Yaris Source: LBNL News Center In the aftermath of the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, a dispersed oil plume was formed at a depth between 3,600 and 4,000 feet and extending some 10 miles out from the wellhead. An intensive study...


DOE EM-TEG invites Susan Hubbard

By: Linfeng Rao Linfeng Rao of the Chemical Sciences Division and Susan Hubbard of the Earth Sciences Division have been invited to be members of the DOE Environmental Management Technical Experts Group (EM-TEG). This group was recently formed to provide technical expertise on a wide range of factors affecting DOE’s...


Leadership Changes in the Earth Sciences Division

Source: TABL Earth Sciences Division Director Don DePaolo has announced the appointment of Susan Hubbard as Deputy Division Director for Programs. Hubbard currently leads ESD's Environmental Remediation and Water Resources Program and Sustainable Systems Scientific Focus Area. Her research focuses on methods for shallow subsurface monitoring and using integrated datasets...


Lamendella wins Lawrence Fellowship

Source: Berkeley Lab News Center Gina Lamendella, a postdoc who works in Terry Hazens' group & under Janet Jansson won the 2010 E.O. Lawrence Fellowship award for her work in molecular Genetics, biochemistry, and microbiology. Read More »