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5 posts from May 2010


Bobbing for Carbon

Source: Science Matters ESD scientist and UC Berkeley professor Jim Bishop has designed robots that can measure ocean carbon in all seasons and weathers—critical data for a warming world. Read more »


Ecologist urges caution in Gulf Coast oil cleanup

Source: ABC 7 News By: Heather Ishimaru Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Ecology Department is led by Terry Hazen, who says after picking up as much oil as possible, "exercise extreme caution about whatever else you do." Read more »


Plan B in the Gulf

Source: New York Times Over the weekend BP learned that its latest effort at stanching the Deepwater Horizon oil spill — placing a huge metal dome over the leak — had failed. With the oil slick now washing up on the Louisiana shore, the Op-Ed editors asked five experts (including...


Your Hair Is Not Enough to Combat Major Oil Spill

Source: SFWeekly By: Ashley Harrell Because it seemed slightly absurd that our hair might be an answer to an oil spill of this magnitude -- an estimated 210,000 gallons a day are leaking into the Gulf of Mexico -- we called our favorite bioremediation expert: Terry Hazen, the head of...


Gulf Oil Spill Clean-up

Source: TABL Remember that oil is a biological product.. Terry Hazen discusses points for the oil spill clean-up - using sorbents, environmental remediation. Read more »