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3 posts from April 2010


Organic and Biomolecular Controls on Mineral Nucleation and Growth: An in situ view

Who: Jim DeYoreo, NCGC Deputy Director, Deputy Director for Research, Molecular Foundry & Vice President, Materials Research Society at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. DeYoreo's research has spanned a wide range of materials-related disciplines, including low temperature solid state physics, geophysics and geochemistry, laser materials, crystal growth, and biomolecular materials....


The Science of Green Microbes

Source: Miller-McCune By: Bijal Trivedi Terry Hazen finds, studies and then uses microbes to clean up pollution deep underground, to refine oil before it is pumped and to produce the next generation of green fuels. He catches alligators sometimes, too. Read more »


A Strategy for Enhanced Recovery and Sequestration in Gas Shales

Who: Mark D. Zoback, Stanford University What: Download the Flyer (pdf) Download the Slides from the Presentation (pdf) Where: Building 50 Auditorium When: 10:30 am to 12 pm, April 16, 2010 Why: About the Distinguished Scientist Seminar Series Abstract: Current estimates of unconventional natural gas resources in the U.S. and...