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6 posts from December 2009


Computer simulation strengthens link between climate change and release of subsea methane

Source: Berkeley Lab News Center By: Dan Krotz A first-of-its-kind computer simulation that mirrors real-world observations of methane bubbling up from a seabed in the Arctic Ocean provides further evidence that warming oceans may unleash vast quantities of methane trapped in hydrate deposits buried beneath the seafloor. Methane is one...


Donald DePaolo is one of five Berkeley Lab scientists to have been named to the 2009 class of “Fellow” by the American Association for the Avancement of Science (AAAS).

Source: Berkeley Lab News Center Five Berkeley Lab scientists have been named to the 2009 class of “Fellow” by the American Association for the Avancement of Science (AAAS). An honor bestowed by their peers, a AAAS Fellow is defined as a AAAS scientist “whose efforts on behalf of the advancement...


Norm Miller on the Recent Cold

Source: SF Weekly What's With This Cold Weather? [SF Weekly] Ask a weather scientist why it's so cold and you'll get two answers, both of them equally valid. The first is a scientific rationale involving high-pressure systems and advection and whatnot. And the second is that San Franciscans are wussies....

Inez Fung: Copenhagen Conference

Lab Scientists Weigh In on What Can Be Accomplished at Copenhagen Conference Source: LA Times [Los Angeles Times] Monday, the U.N. Climate Change Conference began in Copenhagen. We asked a variety of scholars and environmentalists — including Berkeley Lab earth scientist Inez Fung and EETD’s Ron Cohen — to write...


Biosequestration LDRD Team Announced

Biological Carbon Sequestration at Berkeley Lab: Fundamental Research on Biological Carbon Capture and Soil Carbon Stabilization An LBNL Strategic Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) team, consisting of scientists from four different LBNL divisions (Earth Sciences Division, Physical Biosciences Division, Life Sciences Division, and Materials Sciences Division), has recently identified...


Enhanced in situ Mineral Carbonation in Peridotite for CO2 Capture and Storage

Who: Peter Kelemen, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University What: Download the flyer (pdf) Where: Building 50 Auditorium When: 10:30 am to 12 pm, December 11, 2009 Why: About the Distinguished Scientist Seminar Series Video Replay: More Information: Peter Kelemen is Arthur D. Storke Professor of Geochemistry at...