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3 posts from September 2009


Biodiversity of Micoorganisms Key to Advanced Biofuels

Source: Berkeley Lab 2009 Year of Science By: Lynn Yaris When it comes to biodiversity, microorganisms, or microbes, as they’re more commonly known, rule. So-named for their microscopic size and consisting of bacteria, fungi, archaea and certain plants and animals, such as algae and plankton, microbes are ubiquitous to the...


TOUGH Symposium 2009

September 14–16, 2009 A symposium on applications and enhancements to the TOUGH simulator for multiphase fluid, heat, and chemical transport will be held at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), September 14–16, 2009. The TOUGH Symposium 2009 will consist of oral and poster presentations, with a proceedings volume published online....


Heavy Duty: Bacteria Could Take on Radioactive Waste

Source: Discovery Channel News Blog By: Alyssa Danigelis Cleaning radioactive metal contamination is a challenging business--expensive, tedious, and sometimes nearly impossible.... Mizzou's Judy Wall is studying a widespread sulfate-reducing--and stinky--bacterium called Desulfovibrio vulgaris found in soil that metabolizes radioactive and heavy metals.... Wall's colleague at LBNL Terry Hazen is also...