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6 posts from July 2009


Earth Scientists Receive Rock Mechanics Award

Source: TABL Chin-Fu Tsang and Jonny Rutqvist of the Earth Sciences Division have been awarded the 2009 Applied Rock Mechanics Award by the American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA). The award was presented at the annual ARMA Conference at the beginning of this month in Ashville, North Carolina. They and their...


Donald DePaolo Uses Atomic Tracers to Piece Together Earth ' s History

Source: Science Matters Donald DePaolo, a Berkeley professor of geochemistry, and Division Director of the Earth Sciences Division at LBNL is an expert at interpreting environmental tracers... to piece together the history of rocks, water, pollution, and even air. Read more »


Curtis Oldenburg presents on Geologic Carbon Sequestration at the 2009 LBNL Summer Lecture Series

Source: 2009 Summer Lecture Series [youtube=] Climate change provides strong motivation to reduce CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide capture and storage involves the capture, compression, and transport of CO2 to geologically favorable areas, where it’s injected into porous rock more than one kilometer underground for...


EMGEO ElectroMagnetic Geological Mapper wins 2009 R & D100 Award

EMGeo (ElectroMagnetic Geological Mapper) wins 2009 R&D100 Award. New advances in three-dimensional controlled-source electromagnetic inversion.


NSF Funding: Carbon Flux Explorers to Become Operational

Jim Bishop and his Earth Sciences Division (ESD) colleagues were first to capture important biological processes of the ocean carbon cycle using programmable Carbon Explorer floats, which measure carbon particles at depth and then resurface to report by satellite. Thanks to three-year funding from the National Science Foundation, improved Carbon...


Scientists track chemical changes in cells as they endure extreme conditions

Source: Berkeley Lab News Center ESD scientists Hoi-Ying Holman, Eleanor Wozei, Zhang Lin, Luis Comolli, David Ball, Sharon Borglin, Matthew Fields, Terry Hazen, and Kenneth Downing used the Advanced Light Source to track chemical changes in individual cells as they adapt to extreme environments. Read more »