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4 posts from May 2009


Microbial Matters

Source: Environmental Health Perspectives By: Melissa Lee Phillips ESD's molecular microbial ecology group is using a variety of "omics" approaches (i.e., integrating a number of molecular disciplines) to gain a better understanding of complex microbial communities in the environment and in our own bodies. This recent review highlights some of...


Did Mars's Magnetic Field Die With a Whimper or a Bang?

Source: Science Magazine/Science Now/AAAS ESD's Hydrogeology Department faculty member Michael Manga and colleagues suggest that energy released by massive collisions upset the heat flow in Mars’ iron core that produced the magnetic field. Read more »


Ocean Carbon: A Dent in the Iron Hypothesis

Source: Berkeley Lab's News Center By: Paul Pruess ESD scientists Jim Bishop and Todd Wood analyzed the data and found that most of the carbon from lush plankton blooms, whether artificially fertilized or natural, never reaches the deep ocean. Read more »


The 8th Annual Conference on Carbon Capture & Sequestration, May 2009

The 2009 Conference follows in the footsteps of the events, maintaining the objectives to: Focus on carbon capture, separation and sequestration technologies that are being or could be deployed in the U.S. and North America; Provide a forum for the exchange of experience among U.S. and international scientific and engineering...