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6 posts from October 2008


De Profundis …

We are fond of posting “Talmudic Questions,” questions we consider to be more interesting than their answers.


ESD Town Hall Meeting, 10-21-08

ESD Town Hall Meeting, 10-21-08: download slides


Maryann Villavert to Represent Lab

Maryann Villavert (Earth Sciences Division) is the newly appointed junior delegate for 2008-09 and will serve alongside the senior delegate Stefano De Santis.


Journey Toward The Center Of The Earth: One-of-a-kind Microorganism Lives All Alone

The first ecosystem ever found having only a single biological species has been discovered 2.8 kilometers (1.74 miles) beneath the surface of the earth in the Mponeng gold mine near Johannesburg, South Africa.


Numerical Methods for Large-Scale Experimental Design

Who: Eldad Haber, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University Where: Building 66 Auditorium When: 10:30 am to 12 pm, October 3, 2008


ESD Website Redesign Begins Rollout!

Over the past year, ESD staff have been working behind the scenes on a variety of improvements and modifications supporting web delivery of content and functionality in a user generated, standards-based and secure fashion.